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I began drawing and creating at an early age. Often told to keep within the lines of my coloring book, it was obvious to all I was on the path to a life of creating! (What box?)

So when I retired from being a high school teacher I decided it was time to apply my expertise towards creating!

Learning from my grandmother and mother, both extremely experienced seamstresses, I began making many of my own clothes. Spending time in the fabric district of Boston, I expanded my knowledge of materials. During my travels through Europe, I learned about various methods of dying material – from plant based dyes to batiking, and I have never looked back! But I see all things in life as material, and my brain is always looking for a way to do a little of this and a little of that – which means learning absolutely everything I possibly can about the subject and methods. I won’t just settle for a “crafty” item. I require the best results. (Okay, okay, so my husband calls me a perfectionist, and Elizabeth Gilbert would say that wanting the best is a fear factor thingy – but I’m going with the Shaker style of thinking and that is, “I don’t want good, I want excellent!”)

Whether you’re looking to purchase something created or want something custom created for you, Get Creative Projects is the place for you!

And, as always, THANK YOU!